Christina Novelli “one year on”

Hello! It’s Rob, Christina’s manager… I have taken over the blog to give you a look back on a great year for Christina Novelli.  There has been TV Show’s, photo shoots, recording studio sessions, killer songs written, amazing live gigs, magazine front covers, video shoots in London and L.A. and top level record label meetings… But before all of that, allow me to take you back to a cold but bright day on January 26th 2011.  I had been given Christina’s name by a talented artist and good friend of Miss Novelli, Laura Steel, she suggested I check out her pal, because she could be looking for management – I clicked onto YouTube not really sure of what to expect, and hit play on a track called “Turn off the lights”  I really liked the catchy tune, but more over loved Christina’s infectious personality on the promo video that I was watching, after some more research I sent Christina’s music over to JJ, my trusted employee who has an amazing ear for music and who’s opinion I always value and trust, she was soon on the phone talking in excited and rushed tones “I love this girl Rob, she’s raw, but man she is really good, we have to meet with her”  That sealed it for me, and I contacted Christina to arrange a meeting.

So here I was sat at our meeting place, the plush Mayfair hotel in London, the meeting was set for 1pm, JJ and I had arrived 10 minutes early to have a quick catch up before our meeting.  Time was ticking on and soon it was 1:20pm and no sign of Christina, I thought she was trying to be fashionably late, not a great start! When it got to half past and she was 30 mins late, I said to JJ “Give her a call and see where she is at, tell if she isn’t her in 10 minutes I am leaving for my next meeting” JJ spoke to a flustered Christina who explained that her sat nav had taken her to the wrong place but she would be with us asap.  Another 15 minutes passed and I was getting ready to leave, as I had an important meeting to get to, and I was not prepared to wait any longer for some young up start who couldn’t even get to a meeting on time, and who does she think she is keeping me waiting so long, I mean the rudeness of… my thoughts we interrupted as my eye caught sight of Christina coming towards my table.  The first thing that struck me was her strikingly beautiful look, her leggy, slim physique, blonde hair, cool hat and big sun glasses put me in mind of a fashion model, but when she opened her mouth there was no doubt in my mind, this girl was born to be a singer.

Needless to say the meeting was a success and we began working together straight away, we had a great connection that has made for an easy working relationship and a shared sense of “off the wall” humour that cemented a friendship that will last a life time.

One of the first things we did was revamp Christina’s image, sure she looked great, but we wanted *Amazing* and who better than the talented photographer Joseph Sinclair to make it happen.  The shoot was a great day and the images stunning! We also had the pleasure of working with makeup and hair artist Maddie Pearce, who still looks after Christina today, Christina say’s “I love Maddie, she is gorgeous, and she makes me look HOT

Armed with the new pictures, we wanted to make some great tracks, so I introduced Christina to my pal, music producer Joe “Joe90” Lawrence, the guy is a musical genius and I knew the combination of Joe and Christina would be a good one, and I was right! They went on to write, Better off now, Left behind, Our way and Coming alive together, what a team!! And you can expect much more of the same from them in 2012.

Around this time, I was approached by a TV production company who wanted to feature Christina in a new documentary type show on channel 5, called “The Candy Bar Girls” I wasn’t sure at first that this was the right thing for Christina to do, she is open about her sexuality, saying “I like both boys and girls” and as Christina always reminds me “You can’t help who you fall in love with Rob” But I didn’t want her to do some cheesy show that portrayed Lesbian and Bisexual girls in a sleazy way.  Anyway we decide to meet the show’s producer and directors from Lion Television, who were a lovely bunch and assured me that the program was going to be great! Before I knew it contracts were signed and filming had begun, it was a fun time, meeting all the crew and the other girls from the show (who were all lovely to me) in between the filming and the editing I was wondering how Christina would come across to the audience, and hoping they caught her in a good light.  As the first show in aired, I didn’t need to worry, Christina looked amazing and came across as her usual loveable self, and it seemed the viewer’s thought so too!! Christina’s social networking sites were buzzing with excited girls loving her on the TV show and discovering her music, it was brilliant! And those loyal fans are still with us today!!

I had been told in hushed conversations, that weren’t to be repeated that “Christina was the favourite Candy Bar girl” and “Rob you do know that the girls are crazy for Christina” and I knew we were onto a winner when Diva Magazine approached me saying they wanted Christina on their front cover!! WOW!! Christina was really excited to do this as she loves the magazine and knew just how many readers they get.  The editor of Diva arranged a great photo shoot, and interview and the magazine went on sale soon after, the response was fantastic, everyone loved the front cover picture and the interview inside; we owe a massive thank-you to Diva magazine!

As we headed towards the summer of 2011, the bookings for live gigs came in thick and fast, starting with Birmingham Pride, it was a good day, the crowd was massive and really enjoyed Christina’s set, shouting back the words to “Our Way” at the top of their voices “GO HARD OR GO HOME” reverberating around the main stage area. After that was the GOGO Festival, the day was typical of British summer time, it absolutely pissed it down, to the point that the stage needed “drying out time” but the weather didn’t dampen the festival goers spirit’s as they danced in the rain up to their knees in mud, to all the acts on stage.  At the GOGO festival I caught a set from 2 of the coolest girls ever RED N PINK, I love these girls, check them out!! What sticks in my memory from the GOGO festival was right up until Christina was due on stage, the weather was horrible, pouring down with rain, and right as we had a group hug in the moments before Christina being introduced, the clouds broke, the rain stopped and the sun shone!! YES!! What a great gig.

Next up was L-Fest, weather wise this festival could not of been different, it was a blistering beautiful hot day, we arrived at the festival site, and from the moment of getting there we were treated so well by Cindy and all the L-Fest crew, the hospitality is 1st class, I had a lovely day, drinking cold beers, and watching a great line up, Christina went on stage with her band and really stole the show, everyone on the whole festival site was dancing and singing along!! Christina recently played the L-Fest Christmas party, and it was more of the same! A great night, and I am pleased to say she is booked for L-Fest in the summer of 2012 so “BE THERE”

Christina played a series of very successful gigs for our great friend Caron Morton, who’s owns GEL-today, a fantastic events company run by girls for girls, these shows were all in Brighton, a great city and great venues, you can definitely expect more from Christina and GEL-today in the coming year.

As the summer came to a close, Christina played the infamous Proud Camden venue for Hotvox, a great live gig company.  The Proud event was such a good show, the crowd for Christina was sell out, it was a hot sticky August night, but the venue was electric, the atmosphere was really amazing, and Christina rocked the stage with her full band!

Around this time, Christina went into the studio to work with one of the best song writer/producers of right now, Dee Adam, in one day Christina, Dee and music master Ben Collier came up with an achingly beautiful ballad “Concrete Angel” I knew as soon as I heard it something special would come from this track, and it has! Picked up and reworked by world famous DJ Gareth Emery, Concrete Angel will be released early in 2012 as “Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli” We are sooo excited for this, and I have a feeling we could have a hit on our hands!!

So to the last months of 2011, Christina played packed out gigs at the Posh Mayfair members club “Morton’s” where her loyal fans turned up to support Christina as always, it is so nice to meet and chat with them, they are really special to us.

In December Christina flew out to LA, to shoot a music video, she had a great time and you can read all about it in her blog!!

Straight from the plane after her LA trip Christina and I rushed across London for her to perform at The 02 arena “December sessions” gig, it was a mad rush, and Christina was so tired, but she was determined to put on a show for everyone at the event, running on pure adrenaline, Christina and her band put on an excellent performance!! Once again the amazing fans showed up in support of Christina and really made her night, with gifts and cards!!

December also saw the front cover spot of yet an other magazine, this time G3 were tipping Christina as “One to watch in 2012” the cover shot looked very good, and G3 gave Christina a brilliant interview

So that is our year in short, we have met and worked with some amazing people, too many to thank personally here, but you all know who you are.

But most of all I want to thank the fans and supporters, who have not only been loyal and amazing to Christina, but have also taken the time to get to know me!! I have made some lovely new friends!

I can’t wait to start 2012, and get this show on the road!!

Rob xx

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2 Responses to Christina Novelli “one year on”

  1. Anna says:

    Wow! What an amazing account of the past year! Rob you are quite possibly the nicest guy I’ve ever met and I’m 100% sure that with you and JJ behind her 2012 will be Christinas year because she is a true star. Xxx

  2. Adele says:

    Christina is going to own 2012! This is a well known fact!

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